KARACHI (PPI) - Sowing serious concern over the deteriorating condition of public transport system in Karachi, the Pasban has demanded from the provincial and city governments to take solid and visible steps to improve the situation, instead of indulging in the blame game. Pasban Sindh President Rafiq Ahmed Khaskheli and Karachi Chapter President Syed Ashraf Hussain asked the provincial and city governments to shun their differences for the sake of Karachiites and join hands to put the chaotic and problematic public transport system on the right track. Talking to different delegations at Pasban Secretariat here on Saturday, they said that to improve traffic system in the city, all the government departments including traffic police should develop liaison augments them. The Pasban leaders said that 5,000 CNG buses as promised by the rulers should be brought on the city roads to overcome the woes facing by Karachi commuters. The provincial transport minister and city nazim, time and again, have been making promises of brining CNG buses on the city roads but no progress has still been witnessed, which is the matter of great concern, they said. They are shifting the responsibility of delay in the operation of CNG buses to each other, which is nothing but lame excuses, they said. Karachiites are being deprived of modern commuting facilities through a conspiracy, which needed to be foiled, they asserted. They asked the provincial and city governments to take fool-proof steps to ensure seat by seat travelling facilities in the city buses, besides reducing transport fares. Strict action should be taken against the traveling of commuters on rooftops of buses and minibuses, they demanded, adding uncivilized behavior of drivers and conductors of buses to commuters should be ended for good.