ISLAMABAD - Masood Mufti always raised his voice against the exploitations of the oppressed society. His characters could see to be chosen from the real life. Dr Maqsooda Hussain has done a wonderful job by compiling the book "Masood Mufti : Shakhsiyat Aur Fun" for Pakistan Academy of Letters. These views were expressed by Agha Nasir who presided over the launching ceremony of recently published book under the series of Pakistani Adab Ke Memar"Masood Mufti : Shakhsiyat Aur Fun" by Dr Maqsooda Hussain. The event was arranged by Pakistan Academy of Letters. Masood Mufti was the chief guest while Dr Maqsooda Hussain was the guest of honor. Iftikhar Arif, Chairman, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Kishwar Naheed, Aftab Iqbal Shameem, Mansha Yad and Mohammad Hameed Shahid expressed their views. Asghar Abid conducted the proceedings. Agha Nasir said that Masood Mufti uses very simple and precise language and never tries to use classical idioms and difficult language in fiction. This is the reason that he successfully reaches even his common readers like Manto. These stories reflect our society. We can easily access that he has very close observation of common people's lives and is well aware of the issues and problems of the masses. Iftikhar Arif said that Masood Mufti not only has a deep indicating of issues prevailing in his surroundings but he is also fully aware of the international scenario. He uses the technique of pure realism in his fiction. One of the major characteristics of his fiction is the study of human personality and the characters, internal paradoxes. Humanism, nationalism and the sense of responsibility for the common people are the prominent colours of his writings, which make him enhancement in the present literary scenario. Masood Mufti thanked to Pakistan Academy of Letters for printing the book and Dr Maqsooda Hussain for compiling it so artistically. Kishwar Naheed said that Masood Mufti 's writings about the debacle of East Pakistan are very impressive. He focused on the tragic events of this debacle and made himself prominent in Urdu literary scenario by portraying the details of these events. Basically he is a simple minded, pious person and wants to change the society not only intellectually but also behaviorally as well. Aftab Iqbal Shameem said that writings of Masood Mufti have not only great literary worth but they also happened to be a reason of enhancement in the collective consciousness of our age. The main characteristic of his short stories is that he narrates in a simple and direct way and readers feel at home with him. He said that he maintains the cause and effect relationship in his fiction. It can be said that he saved his short story from the symbolic and obstacle experimentation. Dr Maqsooda said that Masood Mufti is a writer of high caliber. He fictionalized their real events he experienced in his professional life. He described the situation, which he observed around East Pakistan Debacle. He produced remarkable books like "Hum Nafs", "Chehray" and Dairy "Lamhe". We can learn lesson from his writings. Mansha Yad said that Dr Maqsooda Hussain has done a great job by covering successfully literary and jounalistic aspects of Masood Mufti 's writings. He further added that some of Masood Mufti 's short stories are quite long and taste like travelogues but throughout his focus has been on the rectification of common man's behavior and projection of characters emotional personality. Mohammad Hameed Shahid said that the events described in his fiction are mostly real. He is a sensitive fiction writer and has closely witnessed the process of the fall east Pakistan and how these events affected the lives and personality of common people.