HARARE  - Polling officers have finished counting the votes from Zimbabwe 's one-man election and the results are now being centrally collated, the official electoral commission said on Saturday. "After the closing of polling stations yesterday (Friday), presiding officers started counting. That process has been completed," said Utloile Silaigwana, spokesman for the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. He said once the votes are collated, the results will be sent to the national chief elections officer, though no indication was given of when they will be announced. "The chief elections officer will then collate and verify in a meticulous way the results and then announce the results of the presidential run-off," he said. President Robert Mugabe is assured victory in Friday's run-off election after opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai withdrew from the race, saying violence against his supporters had made a fair vote impossible. Mugabe defied calls from world and regional leaders to postpone the vote, and Zimbabwe government sources have told AFP he is expected to be inaugurated for another term as president on Sunday. The rapid swearing in contrasts sharply with the five-week delay in announcing results from the first round of the presidential election, when Tsvangirai beat Mugabe but officially fell just short of an outright majority. Tsvangirai's Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party says more than 80 of its supporters had been killed and thousands injured in a campaign of intimidation ahead of the vote. In announcing his withdrawal, Tsvangirai said he could not ask supporters to risk their lives by voting for him.