ISLAMABAD - Access UK - formerly known as the Online Application Service - has been launched in Pakistan for customers applying for UK Visit visas, the British High Commission announced yesterday.

Access UK, an intuitive and simple service that enables customers to apply and pay for all visa and immigration products online , has been launched in Pakistan.

The new system, launched by the UK Visas and Immigration Service, makes it more convenient, quicker and easier for customers to apply, book an appointment and pay for their application using the standard or priority service.

 Access UK will work for those applying for a Standard Visitor Visa , Visitor (Marriage & Civil Partnership) Visa or Visitor (Permitted Paid Engagement) Visa . The service offers customers a shorter application form and a dynamic form that asks relevant questions based on a customer’s previous answers, the high commission said.

It is designed with local customers in mind as the system allows customers to also book a Visa Application Centre (VAC) appointment and pay for the relevant service – displaying the price in Rupees – via MasterCard, Maestro, Visa , PayPal and Skrill. The new service is available in Urdu, although answers need to be English.

The system is designed to be easier for customers, as you will be able to review, edit and download a partially completed application at any point before submission, and access via smart phones and tablets, the statement said.

It also offers support for those who plan to make a separate application for a Schengen Visa , with a partially auto-completed Schengen Application Form available to download and print, it said.