LAHORE - Handicapped badminton and cricket coach and player Nawaz Gohar has urged President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani to provide him job and a ground where he may train the disabled children free of cost.
Talking to The Nation exclusively, Nawaz Gohar said that his aim was to offer his services to disabled children free of cost and assist them in getting rid of their disability through sports.
“I had suffered from polio at the age of five years. I was elder son of the family and suffered a lot due to lack of awareness. A badminton player inspired me and I intended to play this game which helped me a lot getting rid of sticks and I started playing without clutches and gradually progressed a lot in badminton. Now I want to serve the disabled children and I direly need government assistant in this regard,” the handicapped player said.
He said that the government should allocate special funds for disabled players so that they might continue their game without any hindrances.
“Playing regularly helps the disabled persons to get rid of their disability and it is noticed that games play important role in making them physically and mentally strong and they recover soon in this way,” he said and added: “It is the dire need of hour to establish more and more sports academies for disabled children so that they may remain busy in healthy activities and get rid of their disability.”
He said that disabled persons are also the part of the country and they should be provided proper jobs in government sector. “Disabled people are working hard and honestly in every walk of life and trying their best to contribute as much as possible so it is their due right to get jobs in government sectors and make their life prosperous and happy,” he asserted.
He said that disabled persons were bringing laurels to the country and recently 75 disabled players went to Athens and won 57 medals which was a great honour for the country.
“A huge budget is being spent on normal players but the result is not satisfactory while on the other hand, disabled players without good financial aids, striving hard and earning good name for the country,” he claimed.
He also urged the parents of physical handicap and MR children to send their handicapped children to the grounds which will help in improving their health and removing their disability. “It is my one of the biggest aims to serve the country through sports so I am in dire need of job as well as a sports ground where I may train the disabled children free of cost so it is my humble request to President Asif Ali Zardari and PM Gilani to help me in this regard and also provide jobs to handicapped players,” he concluded.