Blurb: Asma Salva stands as one of the best wedding planners giving their clients a memorable experience and making sure that their wedding day turns out to be a spectacle of happiness and fond memories.

When it comes to wedding planning, there are only a few who can get it right. From the theme of the entire wedding to the arrangements of the cutlery on the table, every minute detail needs to be perfect on your wedding day. Surfing for this very purpose I came across something that probably offers the best wedding services here in Pakistan. The Asma Salva franchise.

Having seen some big weddings myself, we all tend to forget the intricacy and the beauty of our very own culture that is depicted in our weddings. What brought my attention to Asma Salva was the variety of the products they were offering and the thought process behind them. Asma Salva offers an accessorizing experience that no other wedding planners may have introduced before. A look at the products and you see how each and every rasam that goes in the wedding is catered to with the stunning accessories and the themes that they design themselves.

I had the opportunity to do a tete a tete with one of the founding members of the franchise, Asma Rashid. Clad in a loosely fit poncho, as Asma arrived in The Delicitasserie it was evident that she was a woman sure of herself as she started talking passionately about her love for the work she does.

“It seems like being part of this business; it was always something that I wanted to get into. The excitement, events and the passion with which Asma Salva does everything for their clients is what makes us who we are today’. When asked when did all this start for her she said,’ The first wedding I did was my own brother’s. While organizing the wedding and trying to find the right accessories, I saw that there was no specific business that catered to all such needs. The accessories and the entire theme itself is integral for having a good wedding ceremony. That’s where the idea of starting this business hit me. Because there are so many people who can’t find the right accessories that they want in a wedding. Catering to that very niche and finding it is what started Asma Salva .’

The franchise’ co-owner, Salva Ziyad, manages the business along with Asma . The dynamic duo, the brains behind all this have amazing chemistry which allows them to work cohesively. On inquiring if they have ever had any problems in agreeing to something, she said ‘Salva is an absolute darling. We are like sisters. We are each other’s strength and we fill all the gaps supporting each other with whatever idea we have in mind. We have never had any misunderstandings, and working together is integral to our business’.

Asma Salva has catered a lot of wedding but they primarily provide with some of the best accessories that you would need in a wedding. ‘Asma Salva offers intricately designed exotic wedding accessories at an affordable price .We have endless creative ideas for handmade wedding accessories including decorative  wedding pouches ,ethnically designed thaals,floral  baskets , envelopes ,d ecorative  boxes for clothes  and shoes ,hand gahnas , bidh  boxes , rangolis ,dolis , decorative glasses , rasam trays and assorted items .We believe in providing a one stop shop for bride & groom ,as well  as for  their friends  and family  members  to  what they are looking for.’ Says Asma .

Asma Salva as wedding planners has gained good repute in a very short while. Known for their organizing and their ability to come up with beautiful themes, they have given many happy memories to their clients with their skill and prowess.’ The most rewarding moment for me in this business is to see that satisfaction in your client’s eyes. Knowing that they are happy with what we have done, going through each and every step with them and doing what we do best, is what makes all the hard work worthwhile. Our prime responsibility and priority is to make sure that we give the clients exactly what we have in mind. The cherry on the cake comes when they tell us how what we have done exceeded their expectations altogether’, smiles Asma .

With her audacious personality and her easygoing nature, its impossible not to like her and get inspired by what she has achieved. In an industry which is considered largely as a man’s forte, Asma Salva has emerged as one of the most innovative and aesthetically creative wedding planners of 2013. “We have come far because of the thought process that goes into our planning and the ability to pay attention to small details. With the trust our clients put in us, we vow to deliver our best’. On asking whether she maintains an editorial role in the business or wants to be involved in every step of the wedding she says,’ I believe in making sure that from our part everything is done right. I take part in every step of the planning process from designing the stage to making sure that the arrangements have been made as per the client’s request. The entire process of exchanging ideas and dealing with our clients is done with all the creative input from our side.’

Brimming with new ideas and through their creative prowess, Asma Salva stands as one of the best wedding planners giving their clients a memorable experience and making sure that their wedding day turns out to be a spectacle of happiness and fond memories.