ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly on Tuesday witnessed heated debate on creation of new provinces in the country with ruling alliance led by PPP and main opposition party PML-N poling apart on the issue blaming each other for not being sincere with the cause.The legislators from treasury and opposition benches also raised serious concerns over Interior Minister's recent statement regarding expected fresh wave of terrorism in Karachi. They kept demanding details and preparation of incumbent government to deal with this 'threat' but none from PPP-led government came up with any response on this matter.The House on the last private member day of current session (49th session) also passed three bills of PPP's legislator Yasmeen Rehman about the establishment of universities amid severe criticism of some opposition members for not taking their point of view on the passed bill. MNA Abdul Qadir Gilani, on a point of order, speaking in favour of Bhawalpur Janobi Punjab (BJP) advised PML-N to play their role as a facilitator rather to act as spoiler. He cautioned that if the demand of Seraiki people for their separate province was not met then they would be compelled to launch a long march from Sadiqabad (Rahim Yar Khan) to Lahore.The son of former prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said the statements of PML-N leadership tantamount to add insult to the injury to deprived people of the southern Punjab. "We respect the leadership of PML-N but masses are really let down by his statement. It downed the moral of the people of southern Punjab," he maintained. “If we restore status of Bahawalpur as a state then we have to restore many other states as well. So the commission decided to carve out only one province .”Strongly advocating the creation of new proposed province in Punjab as well as Hazara, MQM Parliamentary leader Farooq Sattar said parliament should not lose this opportunity to carve out new province (BJP) as next parliament may not be able to form new province . "If this parliament could not carve out this province then no one in future would be able to do so," he said terming it 'now and never situation' for parliament. PML-N could debate in favour of two provinces at commission's meeting but it lost opportunity, he added.Upon this, PML-N legislator tried to speak on the issue. But Deputy Speaker Faisal Karim Kundi advised the members from both sides to avoid making National Assembly a TV talk show."It’s like a TV talk show and nothing else," he remarked.PML-N legislator from Rawalpindi, Hanif Abbasi, said creation of new provinces on ethnic basis could set a bad example resulting in division of whole Pakistan and remarked that only an insane person could support it.He said PPP-led government had given nothing to the people of southern Punjab as it was PML-N which played role in floods and other situations.  Another PML-N MNA Humair Hayat Rokhari from Mianwali opposed the inclusion of his district in new proposed Bahawalpur South Punjab province and urged that Mianwali should not be made a colony of south Punjab. He threatened to block the roads if Mianwali was included in the new province .Speaking on the same issue, PML-Q Sardar Bahadur Khan Sehar said demand for new province comprising southern parts of Punjab was genuine and it was not an issue of aristocrats as being propagated.Another MNA Shah Jhahan Yousaf, on a point of order, said Hazara province should also be formed with this southern Punjab province . "If Hazara province is not being formed then referendum should be held to seek the opinion of masses," he added.Taking the floor at the fag end of the proceedings, PPP lawmaker Mehmood Hayat Khan also raised serious concern over the formation of commission. "Settler and refugee were not given representation in the commission...I have support of seven MNAs and chief minister of new province will be from PPP," he added.Expressing reservations over interior minister's recent statement regarding expected fresh wave of terrorism in Karachi, MNAs Abdul Qadir Baloch from PML-N, Wasim Akhtar from MQM, Baloch and Ghaus Bux Mehr from PPP urged the government to clarify the statement Malik on Karachi. Earlier, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazal (JUI-F) MNA Maulana Ataur Rehman came down hard on ANP by strongly rejecting its claim that the party had maintained law and order in the province accusing former government led by MMA for giving free hand to terrorists during their tenure."ANP leader even cannot go in their districts due to worst law and order situation. Asfandyar is not in province for a long time," he added. Before walking out of the House against Governor’s Rule in Balochistan, JUI-F’s Ataur Rehman also said they were not in favour of Governor’s Rule in KPK and other parts of the country but imposition of this rule was illogical. He also blamed army for the mess in Swat by restoring to use force. He said, “Practically martial law has been imposed in KPK and army is in action in the area.He added that If worst law and order situation was the basis for imposing Governor’s Rule in Balochistan then the same should be applied to KPK and Karachi, where the situation is far more worst than Balochistan.Earlier, ANP's Himayatullah criticised the statement of Maulana Fazalur Rahman that martial law was imposed in KPK. He claimed ANP fought the menace of terrorism by scarifying the lives of its leaders and workers.The House passed three bills of Yasmeen Rehman for establishment of universities including the Darul Madina International University Bill 2013, South Asian Strategic Stability Institute University, and My University Islamabad Bill 2013.Opposition members from PML-N Ayaz Amir kept raising objection on My University Islamabad Bill 2013 but he was not given floor. He said, “government is establishing universities at the end of its tenure. Opposition should at least be informed about the bill." Another senior MNA Zafar Ali Shah even staged a walkout from the House for not giving floor to him and Ayaz Amir to talk on bills.The House unanimously adopted an amendment moved by MNA Anusha Rahman in rules of procedure and conduct of business in National Assembly 2007 to empower parliament for a final say in budget-making.Under the amendment, each standing committee shall scrutinise and suggest amendments, if necessary and recommend ministry's Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the next financial year before the same if sent to the Ministry of Finance for inclusion in the federal budget for the next financial year.Each ministry shall submit its budgetary proposals relating to PSDP for the next financial year to the relevant standing committee not later than the 31st January of preceding year and the standing committee shall make recommendations thereon not later than 1st March of the preceding financial year.Provided that where such recommendations are not made by 1st March, the same shall be deemed to have been endorsed by standing committee, amendment envisaged.