Floods have displaced millions of people. Crops especially vegetables have been damaged due to flooding. Fish from thousands of ponds in Kashmor, Kandh Kot, Jacobabad, Shikarpur, Sukkur, Ghotki, Larkano, Dadu and other districts and their towns and villages have been washed way. Almost all flood-affected people are facing acute shortage of drinking water. This has given rise to sanitation and health problems. The flood-victims have contracted water-born diseases and dying premature death due to epidemics. Every flood victim is suffering owing to indifference of the government but there is one segment of the society called special persons who are mentally, physically and visually challenged people, who continues to suffer the most. According to facts available there are more than fifty thousand special persons who are facing the fallout of the disaster in Sindh province alone. Dozens are reported to be dying of hunger, thirst and disease. It is a pity that, so far, nothing tangible has been done for this group of people. Since the problems of the disabled people and people accompanying them are of unique nature, it is proposed that their problems must be addressed on a priority basis. However, it is appealed to the PPP-leadership to announce special relief package for special persons throughout the country. Similarly, the International donors such as USAID and Saudi and Turkish organization which have been doing excellent work in the province of Sindh, are requested to use their resource to alleviate the sufferings this neglected segment of the society. HASHIM ABRO, Islamabad, September 29.