Mrs. Fauzia Wahab spokeswoman of PPP has given a statement on Waqt TV Channel that the Judiciary is not impartial (Gher Janibdar) and they want an impartial judiciary. This statement being repeatedly telecast amounts to questioning the bonafides of Apex Court, which is tantamount to contempt of Supreme Court. Such a statement from a political stalwart of PPP ought to be taken suo motu notice of by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, as it is a dangerous trend to bring the Supreme Court in disrepute by questioning its bonafides in a sweeping style. One could comment on the technical aspects of a Judgement of the Court but could not raise doubts on the bonafides of the Court with regard to an impending Judgement of the Court which would tend to destroy the very foundation of Judiciary by creating doubt and mistrust in the entire Judiciary so as to create hatred among the people against the Judiciary which needs to be curbed. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 28.