LAHORE Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Imran Khan, while rejecting the proposed new taxation, Wednesday said the rulers should pay their taxes first before collecting the same from the salaried class. He also announced to launch a civil disobedience movement if the government did not reverse the decision. Talking to reporters after presiding over a meeting of partys Punjab Executive Committee at Model Town, the PTI chairman said the government before imposing new taxes on the people should ask the ruling classes to declare their assets within and outside the country and also tell the nation about the amount of taxes they were paying. He said Pakistan was the only country whose leaders kept their wealth abroad, adding that he would declare his assets very soon. He asked PML-N Chief Mian Nawaz Sharif to explain how he purchased flats worth billions of rupees in London while he was paying just Rs5,000 as taxes to the government. He said price hike and unemployment were rising in the country because the rich were not paying taxes. Imran also asked the government to slash the expenses and the number of ministers to save money. Imran said to start with, the PTI would hold protest demonstrations and if the government did not review the move, it would launch a civil disobedience movement to save the people from new taxation measures. Reiterating his demand for mid-term polls, he opined if the present government completed five-year tenure, Pakistan would not be able to complete its life. Imran said mid-term polls, being a part of democracy, were necessary to get rid of present corrupt rulers. He said the electricity consumers were being forced to pay hefty bills only because of power theft by the rich. Quoting a Pepco report, he said only 185,000 air-conditioner owners were paying bill against 2.8 million sold units, adding that the Pepco had also unearthed 400,000 illegal connections but no action was taken against the culprits. To a question, he said the judiciary would lose its credibility in case it failed in holding all NRO beneficiaries accountable. Taking about the issue of presidents immunity, he said the logic given by the PPP leadership meant that all criminals should occupy the Presidency to get protection. Responding to another query, Imran said he could consider joining Pir Pagaros alliance if he guaranteed a real change in the country. He said no party was playing the role of Opposition at the moment. Imran also criticised the PML-N for not playing its due role as the top opposition party. He was of the view that no one was conspiring against the government and it was the wrong policies of the government, which had landed it into trouble.