Federal minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf has disclosed that India does not have capability to stop water share of Pakistan while it is even not using its own share of water under Indus basin Water River Treaty. Responding to queries of members of National Assembly (NA) on Thursday Federal minister for Water and Power Raja Pervez Ashraf said that dams are being constructed to utilize rain water but Kala Bagh Dam is controversial while only consensus dams are being constructed. He said that India reserved 2-lac acre-feet water for initial digging of Baglihar plant during 8th August to 25th August 2008 and President and Prime Minister has raised the issue. He brushes aside the rumors that India is stopping water share of Pakistan as no violation of stoppage of water come in notice. He said that India does not have the capability to stop water share of Pakistan . He said that Kala Bagh Dam has become controversial as three provincial assemblies approved resolutions against it only those dams are being constructed which are not controversial. He said that construction of Neelam Jehlum Hydro Power Project could be delayed by one year while Rs 17541 million would be spent on the project and 1000-megawatt power would be gained. He said that PEPCO and the companies under it would be given autonomy and handed over to private sector so that they would be responsible for their loss and profit. The decision would improve PEPCO's performance and decrease it's line losses. He said that Prime Minister has constituted special committee in this regard. He said that power pilferage is a big issue and system is pressurized due to it. He said that agreements have been made with distribution companies to stop power pilferage. He further said that PEPCO and distribution companies are being restructured. He said that strict steps are being taken to stop electric pilferage through "kunda culture". He said that he has appealed the provinces to restore magistrate system and the government is legislating in this regard so that power pilferage could be declared heinous crime.