There is no doubt that military was the first institution to come to the rescue of the flood-victims. The entire political masterminds, disaster managers and experts were busy talking about the issue and practically doing nothing. Having witnessed the extent of the damage, the degenerate conditions and the plight of the devastated people, I am compelled to reveal to the public the reality of how the rescue operation had been initiated and is still being conducted. Being the only organized and well disciplined organization, the armed-forces sprung into immediate action rescuing people from the entire affected area, sending more than 60,000 military personnel. This was done without any special order or any formal instructions from the authorities, but as a gesture of patriotism and public service. That the forces began providing rescue and relief way before the debate of funds and aid came under discussion is apparent and indicative of the fact that despite no initial help from either the government or the international community, the Pakistan army was using its own resources to provide food and shelter in the most critical of times. Moreover, a regular supply of ration coming directly from the army stores that provided the devastated people with initial nutrition to sustain the hardships of the unfortunate occurrence reflects the extent of consideration the army has for the needy. LUBNA UMAR, Islam-abad, September 29.