MUMBAI (AFP) - Two high court judges on Wednesday allowed an appeal by Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab who was convicted of being the only surviving gunman in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. The panel at the Bombay High Court said they would admit a challenge by Kasab to the death sentence given after his trial ended in May. Judges Ranjana Desai and RV More set a date of October 18 for the confirmation of the sentence, which is required in Indian law but can be challenged in the Supreme Court and by mercy petition to the president. Kasab will not be present at the hearing but will follow procedures by video link from the high-security jail in the city where he is being held, the domestic Press Trust of India news agency said. The court will also hear appeals at the same time from state prosecutors against the acquittal of Kasabs two Indian co-defendants, who were accused of providing key logistical support to the gunmen in the form of hand-drawn maps. The trial judge rejected the prosecution evidence against the pair. Judges Desai and More rejected an application by Kasabs defence for them to be able to consult their client in private after hearing a submission from prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam that Kasab was a danger to himself and others. CCTV footage accompanying his submission showed Kasab attacking prison staff earlier this month, the court was told on Tuesday.