National Assembly members have urged the government that Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) should be given the authority to control price of Liquefied Petroleum Gas like it does of Petrol, Gas and CNG. They said that 86 LPG companies are doing what ever they wish and strict notice should be taken against them. Responding to a call attention notice of Bargees Tahir, Baligh ur Rehman and Khalida Mansoor PM advisor Ghazanfar Gull said that there is a vast difference between LPG supply and demand. Due to floods, the PARCO facilities have been badly affected and one third of its portion has been closed down due to which LPG prices have surged. However, now the situation has been normalized and Rs. 3 has been cut down. He said that OGRA only deals to control the prices of Petrol and Diesel and it cannot hike the prices of gas, however, as soon as the supply improves then LPG prices would further reduced