LAHORE PML-Functional President Pir Pagara on Wednesday disowned his son Sadruddins meeting with Mian Nawaz Sharif, saying he had not tasked anyone to meet the former prime minister. However, he said, he himself would contact the PML-N Quaid at some appropriate time, despite the fact that there was no possibility of Mr Sharif joining the All-Pakistan Muslim League. We did not send anyone to meet him, the octogenarian Sindhi leader said while talking to TheNation. Some media reports said that Sadruddin met with Nawaz Sharif at the residence of a common friend. Pagara gave no importance to the said contact, stressing that Sadruddins meeting or not meeting anyone carried no weight. He said he wanted to contact the PML-N Quaid because he was a Muslim Leaguer and his participation would benefit the enlarged APML. Answering a question, Pagara said Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf Chairman Imran was 'alone at present and since he is not a religious-minded person, his future would brighten up if he joined hands with the APML. Asked whether the APML would become a formidable political force even if the PML-N leadership did not join hands with it, Pagara said people supported the APML because it was serving the masses. Replying to a query, he said, deteriorating political situation would make a change in the country unavoidable. However, he said, he could not give a timeline for the purpose. In response to another question, he said fresh elections were 'not in sight at present, and he could not say when they would be held. But, he added, he was preparing his party for the polls. He said the unification of various factions of the PML was for the future elections, not for any immediate benefit. Therefore, he said, for the time being he had decided to keep his party part of the coalition. Our relationship with the ruling coalition will remain unchanged. But at the same time we will continue our efforts to unite the party. All the political leaders who had accounts abroad must bring their money back to Pakistan. Such a step was necessary to lessen the countrys dependence on foreign loans, the PML-F leader said in reply to another question.