The devastating floods have presently wrecked at least four countries China, Nigeria, Russia and Pakistan despite having dams there. In Pakistan, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani had claimed: Had Kalabagh dam (KBD) in place, devastating flood would have been averted. Nevertheless, PM could not clarify how proposed KBD would have stored the flood water with three spates each measuring about 100 MAF in the proposed dam with total capacity of only 6.1 MAF despite the fact, flood water is not stored in dams like KBD because it was not designed as flood-control project. Please see ex-IRSA chairman Fatehullah Gandapurs (1993-1998) interview with English daily (Aug 12, 2010) as rejoinder to PM. Further, the dams in Pakistan are traditionally filled before monsoon. Nevertheless, the dams store only nominal floodwater as per irrigation experts Nazeer Memon and Idris Rajput. Now devastating floods have come in China along with landslides that displaced at least 11 million people. In Nigeria initially two million people got displaced in addition to Russia where a large number of people are displaced due to flooding. Somehow it could not come in limelight. Despite having dams, the said countries are facing devastating floods as it is natural catastrophe. Using the national catastrophe for vested interests is narrow-mindedness. MOHA-MMAD KHAN SIAL, Karachi, September 28.