ISLAMABAD Relating to the unprecedented wave of uprising that has engulfed the entire Indian-held Kashmir, the United Nations has decided to adopt a vividly clear stance on Kashmir issue, a move that has not bode well to India . Well-aware sources confided to TheNation that United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) would launch a report against the serious human rights violations in IHK. The strongly-worded report would reportedly bring into account all the events taken place in IHK valley after June 11, this year. The report would cover the atrocities committed by Indian security forces from June to September but it is unclear when it would be launched. It is also learnt that Indian side is holding secretive talks with the top UN hierarchy not to publish a strong worded report on IHK. Hundreds of cases of murders, assaults, and torture on youth, women and children are going to be reported sometime any sooner, TheNation was told by credible sources. On the sidelines of UN General Assembly session in New York, a Chinese delegation had reportedly held meetings with UN top command urging the latter to take a principled stance on Kashmir issue besides assuring full support on the issue. Low profile meetings between Pakistani and Chinese officials were also reported. Following these developments, Pakistans Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi had taken a strong stand against Indias highhandedness in Occupied Kashmir on Tuesday. Qureshi had minced no words to demand right of self-determination for Kashmiris through plebiscite in IHK. His Indian counterpart S.M Krishna reacted the demand by expressing his 'disappointment over the Pakistani FMs comments. In reply to this scribes email, a senior Chinese diplomat, who had formerly served in Pakistan, confirmed that a meeting of Chinese officials with UNs top brass and Pakistani officials had taken place. In addition, he wrote, The world leaders have realised that Kashmir movement is not subjected to Pakistans intervention. It is a domestic movement of people of Kashmir. There should be no hesitation for China or any country in supporting the Kashmiris moving towards freedom path. India had effectively lobbied to downplay the hue and cry of the people of IHK at international platforms. The UN Secretary Generals Chief of Staff Vijay Nambiar was instrumental in UNs subservient stance on IHK, till the start of August. After UN faced wide criticism for its stance on Kashmir, followed by unprecedented uprising in the valley and Chinas support for the Kashmir cause, the UN is set to take strong stand in favour of Kashmiris.