QUETTA Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani has said that Balochistan region would not be allowed to become a part of international 'great games and ,adding, that the leadership of Taliban including Mullah Umar was in Afghanistan. He expressed these views while talking to Japanese Consul General Masaharu Sato who called on him here at Civil Secretariat on Wednesday. Raisani told Japanese Consul General that world powers for gaining their vested interests were playing their 'great games due to which the law and order situation in the region was being deteriorated. He said that these superpowers would not be allowed to succeed in their vested interests at any cost nor the people of Balochistan would become instrument in this game. 'We know how to defend our resources and how to use them for our own people. These resources are the assets of people of Balochistan and without endorsement of people of Balochistan nobody would be allowed to use these resources, he added. He dispelled the impression by international media that Taliban leadership and Mullah Umar were residing in Balochistan, saying neither Taliban leadership existed in Balochistan nor Mullah Umar. Raisani told that the concept of Taliban in Balochistan was totally changed as Pakistani Taliban were not holding guns rather they were reading in religious schools while the Taliban of Afghanistan were fighting with security forces. He said that war waged in Afghanistan was not an ideological war rather it was war of interests and we would never become part of it. He told the him that youth of Balochistan was highly talented but needed better opportunities and incumbent government was taking practical steps in this regard. He said that all issues should be resolved through dialogue and government was ready to talk with disgruntled Balochs, however, he said, 'my point of views is that Balochistan government should be given complete authority for dialogue so that all issues should be solved amicably. He told that Gwadar Port was one of the best ports of the world whose channel was only 4 kilometer which was less than channels of harbours other parts of the country. He said that China had showed interest to handle Gwadar Part while Balochistan government was also capable to run this port itself. He ,however, said that government of Balochistan was not satisfied with the performance of Singapore Port Authority and also apprised Federal government about it. Chief Minister also discussed Reko Dek copper and gold project and thanked Japanese government for providing a grant of Rs 80 crore for Pasni Fish Harbour.