Hamza Malik who has been on the music scene of Pakistan for a few years now, has released a fresh love song that would leave the listener wanting more. Tere Bina his latest number’s video has recorded at Kattas Raj the centuries old Temple complex, near Kalar Kahar. The lyrics are written by Hamza Malik , Bilal and Umair have composed the music and Asif Masood has directed the music video.

The music is soothing and at the same time reminds you of lost love . Like almost all love stories, the father separates the lovers leaving Hamza alone with memories to dwell upon. The backdrop and dress blend in the scenes beautifully. Red, blue and earth colors are used to show love , rebellion, peace and reality. The lyrics are balanced, merge well with music and scenes of the video.

Damia Farooq, a Coke Studio Season 9 sensation, is featured with Hamza Malik in Tere Bina . She has a number of songs and OSTs of Pakistani drama serials to her credit.

The young Pakistani musician, Hamza Malik sang his first song ‘Soneyaa’ which was a big hit; and he did not look back. From Soneyaa, to Aye Khuda, he earned a name for himself in the music industry, and now he has come out with his latest number. He has not only performed in Pakistan but abroad too. Hamza Malik has a huge following on social media also.

These days Hamza Malik is working on vocals that will be used as Drama OST for serials on HUM TV and ARY Digital, and is also part of the Sufi Mineral Water campaign.