ISLAMABAD - Deputy Senate Chairman Sabir Ali Baloch on Wednesday decided to make day-long proceedings of the current session on law and order in the country and specially on Karachi situation on February 6th in-camera wherein the Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik would give detailed briefing on the subject and also respond to the queries of the Senators.The decision was taken on the insistence of Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Senator Ishaq Dar. According to the scheduled agenda of the Upper House of the Parliament, the present session was to prorogue on Friday, however, it was decided by chair that the present session would continue till next week and the House would meet an in-camera session on next Wednesday.The decision was taken after Interior Minister Rehman Malik while giving his statement on the Karachi law and order situation remarked that he wanted to brief the House in-camera and it was his ninth request to the House in this regard. Soon after the remarks of Rehman Malik , Leader of the Opposition insisted that let the cat out of the bag and the matter of in-camera session should be decided at once as Malik had demanded calling an in-camera session at a number of times.Interior Minister, at first, replied queries of the MQM Senators regarding his previous public statement that there was information of serious terrorist attacks in Karachi next month. He said he owned his statement as he had a real time credible intelligence information report. He made it clear that the criticism being done on him because of this statement was unnecessary as after the 18th Amendment, law and order was a provincial subject."The Federal government's role is to provide logistics, make policy and pass on real time intelligence report to the provinces," he said ,adding, that law enforcement is the collective responsibility of the Federal government, provincial governments, law-enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies as well. He called it his duty to inform public at large about any serious security threats and said he never did this job just for the sake of publicity. Rehman Malik again made it clear that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), a banned outfit, was not involved in terrorism activities in Karachi rather Lashker-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Sipah-e-Sihaba Pakistan (SSP) and Jash-e-Muhammad were behind such terrorism acts in the metropolitan City. Earlier, Malik had been saying that TTP was behind such activities in Karachi . He also said that Ehsan Ullah Ehsan, TTP spokesman, was a hoax and working for some splinter groups of TTP. He said due to suspension of mobile phone service in certain cities of the country on important events, terrorism incidents were averted. He also requested the House to pass the Anti-terrorism Bill pending with the Parliament for the last many years. However, he did not give any plan of action to prevent terrorism in the country, as Babar Ghauri, Federal Minister for Ports and Shipping, was demanding such kind of plan from him. Replying to the particular queries of MQM lawmakers Mustafa Kamal and Tahir Hussain Mashhadi, Rehman Malik said that Pakistan needed no NATO forces and he opposed drone attacks as well.Earlier, the lawmakers speaking on a motion, that was unanimously moved while suspending the rules of business of the House, called it a mockery of the Parliament and tantamount to undermining its role for not appearing of the management of any private organisation-KESC- before the Parliamentary Committee. The judiciary also came under criticism for issuing stay order in favour of MD KESC what the Parliamentarians said stay was given on the arrest warrant orders that were never served on him. They called for making a proper legislation to implement the directions of the Parliament or its Committee as earlier Law Minister Farooq H Naek said such legislation did not exit in the Constitution. The legislators remarked that private organisations worked under the law of the land and the attitude of KESC management would encourage others to disrespect the Parliament.Senate Standing Committee on Water and Power had summoned MD KESC to have his point of view on certain issues concerning general public but he did not appear. The Committee under the rules issued arrest warrants but Senate Secretariat did not serve this order on the MD and later he got stay order from the Sindh High Court against the arrest orders that were never served on him.Rehman Malik hurriedly assured the House that he would get implemented the directions of the Parliament and said, "the person (MD) will be here, what ever power I will use". He requested the House to defer the motion till MD will appear before the Committee. However, Babar Ghauri said Rehman Malik would use Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) for this purpose and this would discourage foreign investors as a foreign firm owned KESC.He asked for introduction of a proper legislation to prevent such incidents in future. However Malik sad he would go by the book.The chair did not allow JUI-F leader Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri to speak on the issue of imposition of Governor Rule in Balochistan. At last, his party lawmaker Senator Talha Mahmood got a chance who said that ruling PPP had done this only to delay elections or invite undemocratic forces.  The JUI-F continuing the boycott of the House staged a protest walkout from the House over the issue.