The baby who refuses to die
A baby girl who was said to be 'clinically dead by doctors has amazed her family by recovering from meningitis. Medics had told Lillie-Mai Jacksons devastated parents that it would be best if her life-support machine was switched off.
But remarkably they gave her a second chance after her father Rupert Jackson, 31, noticed she reacted slightly every time someone closed the door and it banged.
Belinda, 22, and her partner Mr Jackson refused to give up on their child who had been struck down by meningoccal septicaemia. Lillie-Mai, now six-months, was 14-weeks old when she contracted the deadly virus and has lost both her legs and an arm to the disease.
Despite doctors giving her just two hours to live the child is now growing from strength to strength with her mother and father at their home in Maryport, Cumbria.
Lillie-Mai first began to show signs of illness in the early hours of Tuesday January 11 when she woke up shivering and fretful. Ms Little said: 'We thought she was getting a cold and put her in bed with us. Shes normally up at seven but she slept until 11am, when I woke her up. Her eyes were sunk into the back of her head. I took her to my mums and said we should go for a walk. But when we returned I noticed she had a mark on her cheek. I left it for ten minutes but then another came up on her forehead.
Lillie still has a lot of treatment to undergo and her parents are currently raising money so that Lillie may one day be fitted with prosthetic legs. DM
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Baby Refuses Die
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October 24, 2014
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