Former ISI operative, Colonel (R) Imam has been reportedly been killed by his kidnappers over non-payment of demanded ransom, of Rs, 4-5 million.
The former ISI agent Colonel (r) Imam known as the 'godfather of the Taliban has been killed by his abductors in North Waziristan, Media reports said on Sunday.
Media reports say that former ISI operative Col (R) Imam was abducted alongwith British journalist and Khalid Khawaja, while the trio was headed towards North Waziristan capital of Miranshah.
Usman Punjabi had been accused of masterminding the kidnapping, while a ransom of Rs 4-5 million had been demanded for the release of Col (R) Imam.
It is pertinent to mention that even Khalid Khawaja had been killed, while only the British journalist had been freed after payment of demanded ransom.
It is pertinent to mention, that the murdered former ISI operative was a renowned figurehead, even in Taliban controlled Afghanistan of yore.
Many attempts were made for the safe retrieval of the abducted retired colonel, which also included many talks, but nothing succeeded, due to astronomical amount of ransom demanded, which was quite out of the financial reach of colonels family.
Reports have also indicated fervent efforts on part of many Afghan Jehadi organizations, all of which came to naught.
It has also been reported that after the initial killing of Khalid Khawaja, Col.
Imam was shifted to another group, who also refused to release him.
However endless dialogues continued, while media also broadcasted many of his video messages, in which he had requested steps for his immediate release.
Meanwhile official sources have not yet confirmed his death, but nevertheless the kin of the retired colonel have informed media that intelligence sources have conveyed news of his death.
The deadbody of the retired colonel belonging from Tarar tribe and residing in Chakwals area of Chatal is however still in the custody of kidnappers.
Meanwhile, security officials have confirmed the death of Col(R) Imam, saying that his dead body was still with the kidnappers, who were known to be demanding a ransom of Rs 2 million for returning it (the deadbody).
The killed colonel is survived by two sons and two daughters.