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Asif Haroon Raja

Implications of Modi’s takeover

By: Asif Haroon Raja | July 18, 2014

Staunch Hindu nationalist Narendra Modi propelled his right-wing party, the BJP to a stunning electoral triumph on May 16, 2014, with the biggest winning margin any government in India has enjoyed in ...

Americas irrational demands

By: Asif Haroon Raja | November 14, 2011

Military operation codenamed Rah-e-Nijat launched against Mehsud inhabited South Waziristan in October 2009 dismantled base of Hakimullah Mehsud. He and his followers slipped into neighbouring tribal ...

America at war: The failures of Petraeus and McChrystal

By: Asif Haroon Raja | July 28, 2011

Looking back into the events of first decade of new millennium, one is bewildered to see that despite being the most powerful nation on earth and having military apparatus on a scale greater than the ...

US policy in Pakistan: The worst is yet to come

By: Asif Haroon Raja | June 07, 2011

The US in pursuit of its strategic and economic objectives in this part of the world arm twisted Gen (R) Musharraf in September 2001 soon after 9/11 and made him do its bidding. Pakistan forces were ...

Pakistan stabbed in the back

By: Asif Haroon Raja | May 18, 2011

The US media is on record having killed Osama bin Laden (OBL) so many times since 1990 onwards. His death was first announced in 1996; an abortive attempt was made on him in Khost in August 1998 ...

Eight years of inglorious rule

By: Asif Haroon Raja | February 04, 2009

Within months of assumption of power by Republican candidate George W Bush in January 2001 under dubious circumstances, the harrowing terrorist attacks took place in New York and Washington which ...

Regional players in Afghan imbroglio

By: Asif Haroon Raja | January 20, 2009

After having bungled up in Afghanistan. USA is constantly blaming Pakistan since 2005 for the ever-growing militancy in Afghanistan. It has somehow got fixed with the misplaced idea that continued ...

India's never-ending machinations

By: Asif Haroon Raja | December 24, 2008

Indian rulers are religiously following Chanakya's thesis who did not believe in morals or ethics when it came to achieving an objective. Chanakya, minister of the Hindu ruler Chandra Gupta, ...