LAHORE - Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF) has been awarded a project of Rs.
47 million by Concern Worldwide, for the provision of wheat seeds and agricultural tools to flood-affected farmers of district Muzaffargarh.
The project will be compl-eted within a period of 3 months in collaboration with Mojaz Foundation in Union Council Baseera and Union Council Mehmood Kot of District Muz-affargarh.
Under the project, 9,000 bags (50-kg bag each) of wheat seeds and 9,000 sets of agricultural hand tools are being distributed to 9,000 farmer households in the flood-affected area.
The project has been funded under Responding to Pakistans Internally Displaced (RAPID) Fund of Concern Worldwide established under an umbrella grant from USAID / Office of the U.
Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA).
ASF was originally created under the auspices of the Rs.
1 Billion ADDP (Agribusiness Development & Diversification Project of MINFA) with support from ADB.
The aim of ASF is developing the agribusiness sector in Pakistan and thereby supporting economic growth & employment generation.
ASF has been tasked with promoting the private sector agribusiness enterprises by providing matching grants for purchase of Business Development Services and also providing capacity building support to BDS Providers.