ISLAMABAD- The government has set a total export target at US $ 19.
9b in the trade policy for the current fiscal year, to be announced on July 25, while import target has been set at US $ 28.
The new policy projects the total trade deficit at US $ 8.
8b as against the US $ 15.
22b during the first eleven months of the financial year 2008-09, as the country exported goods worth US $ 16.
26b while goods worth US $ 31.
48b were imported.
The export estimates for the last financial year were set at US $ 22.
9b, which later were reduced to US $ 19.
5b due to a number of reasons including the prevailing energy crisis and high cost of doing business.
The break-up of overall exports revealed that the share of textile sector exports would be $ 10.
41b in the year 2009-10.
In textile sector the main contributors are as, raw cotton $ 69m, cotton yarn $ 1.
28b, cotton cloth $ 1.
98b, yarn $ 46.
1m, knitwear $ 1.
84b, bed-wears $ 1.
87b, towels $ 603m, readymade garments $ 1.
43b, art silk and synthetic textile $ 403m, textile made ups $ 528m and other textile materials $ 351m.
The export of food group is estimated $ 3.
06b for the ongoing fiscal year.
Petroleum groups contributions in exports are projected at $ 1.
27b in 2009-10, and petroleum products at $ 504.
Other manufacturing groups contribution in exports during the ongoing financial year are: carpets $ 213.
2m, sports goods $ 303m, leather tanned $ 408m, leather manufacturing 689.
3m, footwear 103m, surgical instruments $ 257m, plastic materials $ 609.
5m, engineering goods $ 254.
1m, jewellery $ 210m and cement $ 545m.
On the other hand total imports are estimated at $ 28.
7b in 2009-10.
The share of Machinery group in total imports are projected around $ 4.
92b, food group $ 2.
88b, transport group $ 1.
84b, textile group imports $ 1.
Similarly agriculture and chemicals imports are projected around $ 2.
31b; with metals groups estimated at $ 1.
75b in the ongoing financial year.
While miscellaneous group imports are targeted around $ 522m and all other exports are estimated at around $ 7.
44b for 2009-10.