Dawlance introduces DW115 CHZ microwave oven

KARACHI - Dawlance, the No. 1 home appliances brand in Pakistan, has added another innovative product to their Health Zone technology range; the DW115 CHZ microwave, which provides the convenience of cooking with the touch of a single button, says a Press release.
A recent study conducted by Dawlance revealed that majority of the people avoid using microwave ovens due to the fear of high electricity consumption. This is a prime misconception, in fact even if the microwave oven is used for a whole hour, the energy consumed, when converted to PKR is just Rs. 15! Hence you may well imagine, since normally microwaves used are just switched on for 2-3 minutes, thus consume PKR 1 Maximum for that duration, of the total electricity bill. The DW115 CHZ microwave oven has been designed keeping in mind the modern needs of present times.

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November 01, 2014
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