ISLAMABAD (APP) – Sharp increase in the prices of onion was witnessed in the weekly bazaars here on Tuesday. The onion price jumped from Rs 196 per five kg to Rs 240 per five kg last week. The sharp increase in the prices of onion badly affected the common man as it is the main ingredients of every dish. Explaining the reason of increasing onion prices, traders attributed the rising trend in the prices to short supply of the product.According to rate list issued by Capital Development Authority, Directorate of Municipal Administration (DMA) for Tuesday weekly bazaar, the prices of fruits and vegetable have registered increasing trend.Rates of weekly bazaar, tomatos were sold at Rs 52 per kilogram,potatoes Rs 100 per five kg, onion Rs 240 per five kg, turnip Rs 20 per kg, Cauliflower Rs 24 per kg, cabbage Rs 16 per kg, brinjal at Rs 24 per kg, cucumber Rs 36 per kg, pumpkin Rs 46 per kg, carrot Rs 16 per kg, capsicums Rs 72 per kg, peas Rs 24 per kg, bitter gourd Rs 120 per kg, lady finger Rs 100 per kg and 'tenda' Rs 30 per kg.While the prices of fruits in the weekly bazaar of H-9, apples were sold at Rs 40 to 100 per kilogram, bananas Rs 30 to Rs 100 per dozen, 'kinu' Rs 40 to Rs 70 per dozen, orange Rs 100 per kg, mosmi Rs 100 per kg, guava Rs 50 per kg, strawberry Rs 150 per kg, melon Rs 100 per kg, 'ganderi' Rs 60 per kg and dates at Rs 150 to Rs 250 per kg.Shoppers of fruits and vegetable have called for adopting proper mechanism and taking appropriate measures to prevent vendors from overcharging.