KARACHI (PR)  – National Bank of Pakistan was incorporated in Pakistan under the National Bank of Pakistan Ordinance, 1949 and is listed on all the stock exchanges in Pakistan. It’s registered and head office is situated in Karachi. NBP is the largest banking institution of the country is serving the nation from last sixty three years.Today NBP has become the first ever bank of the country to cross the ‘One Trillion Rupee’ bench mark with more than 16,500 employees and 1,283 branch network across Pakistan and 23 overseas branches and representative offices in four countries. The bank is engaged in providing commercial banking and related services in Pakistan and overseas. The bank also handles treasury transactions for the Government of Pakistan (GOP) as an agent to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). The bank also provides services as trustee to National Investment Trust (NIT), Long-Term Credit Fund (LTCF) and Endowment Fund for student loans scheme.