1st lucky draw of Mehran Food

KARACHI – The first Mehran Dabangg Offer Lucky Draw was held with much fanfare on 23rd August 2012 at a local hotel. The lucky draw was a wonderful concoction of anticipation and excitement. The event was organized to have a draw of winners for Mehran Dabanngg Offer campaign, which ran for one month approximately on all media channels. In this campaign, customers were being offered an opportunity to participate in the lucky draw through submitting four packets of Mehran Spices.
The response of this campaign was quite motivating and encouraging. The company received thousands of entries in this regard, which shows the level of confidence that the customers place in Mehran Spices.
The event’s proceedings were initiated and hosted by the charismatic Sidra Iqbal, says a press release.

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1st lucky draw mehran food
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