ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Punjab government has not been able to recover over Rs 574 million from law evaders - thanks to its "ineffective and insufficient" recovery mechanism, points out an AGPR audit report for the year 2009-10.
The report reveals that as much as Rs 574,847,062 were recoverable from a number of officers, officials and contractors of Food Directorate of Punjab government.
Scrutiny of directorate's monthly recovery statements revealed that Rs 22,271,953 were recoverable from 44 in-service officers and officials.
No concrete efforts were made to recover the amount except declaring the recovery be effected as arrears of land revenue, though it could be deducted from the salaries of the concerned officers/officials.
For this purpose, the concerned DDOs were to feed computer changes in the concerned accounts office, but they failed to do so.
The report further reveals that Rs 69,158,487 were recoverable from 76 persons who had already expired.
Similarly Rs3O3,816,141 were recoverable from 190 officers/officials dismissed from service, and Rs 108,442,125 were outstanding against 72 officers/officials already retired from service.
The DDOs did not get the recovery from pensions of the concerned retired officials through AG Punjab/District accounts offices.
And the food directorate never asked the DDOs to explain the reasons for non-recovery of government dues from the retired officials.
In addition to that Rs37,301, 076 were outstanding against 31 different agencies including Rs27,315,242 recoverable from Health department against rent of godowns since 1999.
Out of remaining recovery amount, Rs 1,027,667 were recoverable since12/92 from Muhammad Aslam, a transport contractor from R Y Khan; Rs2,874,109 since l2/95 from Muhammad Iqbal, a contractor from DG Khan; and Rs747,880 from M/s AI-Noor Flour Mills Gujranwala since 9/2001.