LAHORE - The Supreme Court has sought the list of officers appointed on deputation in FIA or those who were regularised by the FIA.The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has already declared the deputation in the FIA illegal and directed the authorities to send the officials on deputation to their parent departments.The court was informed that deputation in the FIA was affecting the seniority of original FIA employees. Scores of officials were appointed on key FIA posts on deputation during the tenure of the previous government.A FIA official, who requested anonymity, said that according to the FIA Appointment Postings and Transfer (APT) rules 1975, all posts above grade 16 in the agency are supposed to be filled by the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). “The regularisation of the officials who were brought on deputation was illegal. Another officer said that it was the violation of Article 199 of the Constitution which states about the right to job through transparent process. Following are the grade 19 officers who are working on deputation in the FIA: Jameel Ahmad Khan of Secretariat Group, working as Establishment additional director, Tahir Jameel from NBP is working as ECW additional director, Amir Ali Khan from Nadra as Security additional director, Babar Shah from the government of Punjab as Monitoring additional director of Punjab, Moazzaam Ali Bhutto from PIA working as additional director. Grade 18 officers are: Naveed Khan Tareen from FBR is working as Anti Corruption Circle deputy director, Muhammad Zahid Bhati from FBR Logistic as Deptuy Director, Noor Khan from Intelligence Bureau as CBC deputy director in Multan, Saadat Ali Yasin from Sindh Police as Hyderabad ACC deputy director, Ghazanfar Hussain Kazmi from Nadra as Abbottabad Deputy Director, Mazhar Hussain Shah from FBR as Islamabad CCC deputy director,  Waseem Ahmad from Nepra, Agha Muhammad Ali Abbas and Saghir Ahmad Wattoo are from information group.The grade 17 officials working in the FIA on deputation are: Syed Roushan Mustafa, Ehsan Ahmad Lother, Awais Behram, Ali Adnan Munawar, Shoaib Saleem, Agha Fahad Ahmad Khan, Ali Raza, Vickash Motan, AsgharAli Mangrio, Syed Aurangzebul Hassan, Ali Zeshan Haider, Mehmod Ahmad Bhatti, Syed Gada Haider Shah and Syed Yasin Ali shah.Grade 16 officers are: Farukh hayat, Asif Yar, Muhammad Hayat, Ali Akbar and Khushal Mir. Officers of grade 18, who were hired illegally, are: Abdul Ghaffar hired as deputy director, Muhammad Irfan Qureshi as deputy director, Muhammad Sarfraz, deputy director and an officer of grade 16, Saifur Rehman Khokhar.List of another 22 officers who assumed charge against their posts in 2012 included Mehmoodul Hassan, Forensic deputy director, Amir Nazir – Forensic deputy director, Syed Aun Abbas Bukhari –Forensic deputy director, Ayaz Khan –Forensic deputy director, Muhammad Rizwan Sabir –Forensic deputy director, Tariq Bilal – Law deputy director, M Akram Mughal –Network Security deputy director, Muhammad Ahmad Zaeem –Regional deputy director, Muhammad Nasim – Investigation assistant director, Ch Abdul Rauf –Investigation assistant director, Syed Muhammad Raza – Research Officer, Syed Haider Abbas – Network Security assistant director, Asif Nawaz – Network Security assistant director, Atif Iqbal Khan – assistant director, Naeem Zafar – Hardware Engineer, Aftab Shehzad – assistant director, Fadia Tabassum – assistant accounts officer, Mian Saqib Hafeez – assistant database administrator, Fakhar-e-Alam – duty officer, Shaham Hafeez Khan – duty officer, Khurram Shehzad – technical writer, Saeeda Khanum – technical writer.A list of 22 officers whose services were regularised in FIA from deputation are: Saqib Maqbool – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Muhammad Jawad Abid – ADBA (17), Jawad Hussain – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Naveed Shahzad Memon – ANA (17), Sohrab Malik – ANA (17), Rehan Butt – ANA (17), Arslan Asif – ANA (17), Asif Iqbal – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Mazhar Ali – QAD (16), Mrs Najma Hafeez – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Muhammad Imran – ANA (17), Muhammad Asif Iqbal – ADBA (17), Muhammad Bilal Ahmad – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Naeem Aslam – ANA (17), Adeel Aftab – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Ayaz Ahmad – ANA (17), Faheem Khan – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Shahzad Tahir – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Aamir Gulzar – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Ibrar Ali – QAO (16), Muhammad Umar Hameed – ADBA-cum-ANA (17), Yasir Azeem – ADBA-cum-ANA (17).

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 14-Jun-2013 here.