Rihanna wants to save wolves

LOS ANGELES - XN - Rihanna is on a mission to save wolves. The animal-loving star has become obsessed with the predators and recently donated a generous portion of her £30 million fortune to Wolf Haven, a conservation sanctuary in the US. 
A source told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ‘’Rihanna loves animals, and she has become particularly fascinated with wolves recently. She has earned a huge amount since she burst on to the scene in her teens.  ‘’She wanted to do some good with it, and she would love to be able to save her favourite creatures from extinction. So she couldn’t think of anywhere better to offer a boost to than the non-profit group, Wolf Haven. She sent them a five-figure sum.’’
As well as giving away the hefty sum, Rihanna has adopted her own wolf and is said to be especially concerned with the plight of the Mexican wolf, the most endangered mammal in North America.
While the 25-year-old singer usually splashes her cash on lavish holidays and in strip clubs, she has been known to make huge charitable donations in the past. 

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October 30, 2014
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