Jennifer Garner hasn’t forgiven Ben Affleck

TEXAS: Ben Affleck‘s wife is still making him pay! Jennifer Garner won’t let Ben forget that he called their marriage “work” while accepting the Best Picture award for his thriller Argo, and despite later expressing his love for her on national TV.
“He felt he had wronged Jennifer,” said a friend. “So he tried to make to make amends during a recent hosting gig on Saturday Night Live.
Ben is always worried he’s going to lose Jennifer and is still begging her for forgiveness. So he asked SNL producers if he could make his Oscar speech the subject of his monologue and bring Jennifer onstage with him,” he added. “It’s been eating at him.
He was at his lowest point both personally and careerwise when he met her. And since then, things have been wonderful. Jen isn’t going anywhere.”–SS

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September 21, 2014
September 21, 2014
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