TOWERING head and shoulders above her own parents Malee Duangdee, at 6ft 10in is one of the worlds tallest teenagers.
Weighing 20.
5 stone the 19-year-old from eastern Thailand has suffered painful school memories of bullies and a lifetime of loneliness.
I used to feel like a freak, school children used to bully me and call me names, she said.
But since leaving school Ive tried to feel more comfortable with who I am.
Ive got used to life on my own, but its hard.
Malees mother, Ji, 40, did not realise Malee was 'different until she was around nine-years-old when she began to grow much faster than her school friends.
She looked different to her friends and I got a little worried, Ji said.
I took her to the doctor because I wanted to be sure there was nothing seriously wrong with her.
But Malee was diagnosed with a brain tumour, which was pressing on a nerve causing a hormone imbalance.
Malee has also lost the sight in her eyes as a result.
Ive been tall for as long as I can remember and taking medication is part of my daily life, she said.
But as Ive got older my eye sight has got worse and its really difficult for me to get around.
Malee needs an injection every three months to control the benign brain tumour and stop her from growing.
But its costing the family almost 2,000 a time.
The injections have really helped to control her growth but they are expensive, said Ji.

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