LOS ANGELES - TS - MICHAEL Jackson’s son Prince yesterday told a court his dad broke down under pressure from gig promoters AEG and cried: “They’re going to kill me.” The revelation came as the 16-year-old got his day in court during the family’s £26billion wrongful death lawsuit. He said his pop superstar dad was desperate for more time to rehearse for shows in London’s 02 four years ago. He died weeks before them. Prince said his father told him he was pressured by AEG boss Randy Phillips and ex-manager Dr Tohme Tohme. He testified that Phillips was “aggressive” to Jacko’s doc Conrad Murray shortly before his death. He also talked about his dad’s insistence he had to wear “annoying” masks covering his face in public. Prince said: “When I went out with him I’d wear a mask. He wanted to protect us so that people wouldn’t know what we looked like, so we could go out without him. They were annoying when you were young, you’d get feathers in your face and they were hot. He was very protective of us.”  Prince is the first of Jacko’s kids to take the stand and give live testimony in the trial. He was also questioned about the day his dad died. He told the Los Angeles court: “I heard screaming upstairs.” He said the chef “told me Dr Murray wanted to see me upstairs. I ran upstairs and saw Conrad Murray doing CPR on my dad. Dr Murray was screaming while doing CPR.” Prince said he saw his dad “half hanging out of the bed”. He added: “My sister then came upstairs, she was screaming all the time and saying she wanted to see Dad.”  He then recalled how the news of his father’s death was broken to him. He told the court: “Dr Murray said to us: ‘Sorry kids, Dad’s dead’.”

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 28-Jun-2013 here.