It’s cold outside and a lot of us would rather stay in bed than do anything at all! However, when you realize you’re running out of groceries, you’ll have to get out of bed and go out. This is exactly what two young Pakistani entrepreneurs have now saved you from. Rabbit Drop, the brainchild of Aitizaz Khan which has been built into a fantastic venture with the help of Usama K Zafar is something you all definitely need!

How to order grocery

Sub poochtay hain grocery kesay online order karani hai.Sirf 3 asan steps!Ya call karein +92 42 35948401

Posted by Rabbit Drop on Monday, 4 January 2016

BE it grocery items or bakery goods, Rabbit Drop delivers everything at your doorstep. Of course, fancy home delivery services come at fancy prices, right? Wrong. Rabbit Drop has three delivery modes for Lahore; Instant which will cost you Rs.150, Regular which will take 3-4 hours and will cost you Rs. 80 and Lazy which will take 24 hours but will cost you Rs. 40.

Speaking to The Nation, Usama and Aitizaz revealed how the whole venture came into being. Aitizaz was in Peshawar and had just moved to a new house. At the same time, there were lots of guests coming over. At this point, he thought that there should be a mechanism to get regular things delivered to one’s place instantly.

He discussed the idea with Usama, who was also employed somewhere at the time. Since he too was interested in that, the two decided to work on Rabbit Drop. Over the next two months, the two kept their regular jobs while working on the idea. It was during this time that they applied to Plan 9 and other tech incubators. The two gave up their jobs as soon as they got incubated and gave 90% of their time to this venture. Usama revealed that the remaining 10% of the time of theirs was given to sleep. Their hard work (and loss of sleep) eventually paid off as Rabbit Drop has become quite well known in a very short period of time since its launch in August. Rabbit Drop started off with 2 people and now has a proud workforce of 8 people.

The venture’s incubation period has ended and their new office is located near their former office which was located inside the Arfa Technology Tower. They are in the process of finalizing deals with potential investors to continue growing and expanding their network. Check out their website here