Crimea- Russian forces consolidated their hold on Ukraine's Crimea peninsula today, taking over a military hospital and a missile base as officials geared up for a referendum on the region's future.

Interfax Ukraine news agency said pro-Russian militias and Russian troops had seized the hospital in Simferopol, the peninsula's main administrative city, and herded staff into a hall to "apparently meet the institution' s new directors.
" It is said that 20 patients in the building were seriously ill.
In the port of Sevastopol, Russian soldiers disarmed servicemen at a Ukrainian army missile base, a Ukrainian military spokesman in Crimea said.

Vladislav Seleznyov told Fifth Channel television that about 200 soldiers aboard 14 trucks moved on the building at about 1.
30 a.
m and threatened to storm it if the Ukrainian soldiers failed to give up their weapons.