The US has delivered a squadron of 14 AH-1 Cobra advanced helicopter gunships to Pakistan, reported a private TV channel on Tuesday.
The US has also given $750,000 to update Pakistan Army Aviations fleet of Cobra variants like AH-1S, AH-1F.
The AH-1 has been supplied by the US from its Jordan Air Base stock.
Pakistan has also been assured it would receive the latest AH-1Z variant in phases by 2015.
The twin blade, single-engined gunships have a crew of two, comprising a pilot and a co-pilot or a gunner.
The helicopter is equipped with two 7.
62mm multi-barrel guns, two 40mm guns and grenade launchers and can also be equipped with 70mm rockets.
The helicopters, which can fly at a speed of 352 km per hour, weigh 2,754 kilograms.