ABU DHABI (AFP) - Iran should respect the unity of its Arab neighbours in the Gulf, the United Arab Emirates foreign minister said on Wednesday at a time of heightened regional tension.
"Iran should reconsider its policies in the region," Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahayan, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the Gulf Cooperation Council, told a news conference in the UAE capital of Abu Dhabi.
And it "should respect the unity and sovereignty of Gulf countries," he said at the end of an annual GCC-European Union ministerial meeting.
"I'm trying to choose my words carefully.
I don't want to act like some Iranian officials who throw their words in an abrasive and indecent way," Sheikh Abdullah said.
"All I wish for is that Iran view its neighbours with responsibility and respect.
" Tension has been running high between Iran and its Arab neighbours across the Gulf, with the two sides locked in a war of words since Shiite-led protests against Bahrain's Sunni dynasty broke out in mid-February.
A Saudi-led Gulf force including UAE police rolled into Bahrain on March 14, freeing up Bahraini security forces to crush the protest movement in the only Shiite-majority Arab state of the Gulf, in a move condemned by Iran.