India is working on export of weapon systems
India is working on export of weapon systems

New Delhi- According to India’s Defence Research and Development Organization, India can sell combat aircrafts at a cheaper rate as opposed to China. This can be attributed to its low cost of production.

Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) Chief Avinash Chander said that the country needed a "policy mechanism" for exporting weapon systems. The defence research agency has suggested a "single window clearance" for sale of arms to friendly foreign countries in a time-bound manner.

"There are various other systems, like if you take strategic missiles, the long-range missiles that China sells to Saudi Arabia and the cost at which we produce, it would be one-third or one-fourth," Chander added.

"We are discussing the methodology for developing the export potential as well as a policy mechanism for export of weapon systems," he said.

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