President approved names of judges ceased to hold offices
In pursuance of judgment of a full bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan dated July 31, 2009 on constitution petitions no. 9 and 8 of 2009 (Sindh High Court Bar Association and Mr. Nadeem Ahmed, Advocate vs Federation of Pakistan), the President has approved that the following judges of Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts shall cease to hold their offices with immediate effect:-
1. Judges of the Supreme Court
1) Justice Muhammad Qaim Jan
2) Justice Ijaz-ul-Hassan
3) Justice Muhammad Moosa K. Leghari
4) Justice Ch. Ejaz Yousuf
5) Justice Mian Hamid Farooq
6) Justice Syed Zawwar Hussain Jaffery
7) Justice Muhammad Farrukh Mahmud
8) Justice Shaikh Hakim Ali
9) Justice Sardar Muhammad Aslam
2. Judges of Lahore High Court
1) Justice Zubda-tul-Hussain
2) Justice Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry
3) Justice Khawaja Farooq Saeed
4) Justice Muhammad Akram Qureshi
5) Justice Khurshid Anwar Bhindar
6) Justice Mazhar Hussain Minhas
7) Justice Saifur Rehman
8) Justice S. Ali Hassan Rizvi
9) Justice Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti
10) Justice Rana Zahid Mahmood
11) Justice Kazim Ali Malik
12) Justice Hafiz Tariq Nasim
13) Justice Khalil Ahmed
14) Justice M. A. Zafar
15) Justice Malik Saeed Ejaz
16) Justice Syed Shaheen Masood Rizvi
17) Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi
18) Justice Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon
19) Justice Pervez Ali Chawla
20) Justice Habib Ullah Shakir
21) Justice Nazir Ahmed Ghazi
22) Justice Abdul Sattar Goraya
23) Justice Syed Ihtasham Qadir Shah
24) Justice Ms. Jamila Jahanoor Aslam
25) Justice Mahmood Akhtar Khan
26) Justice Jamshed Rahmat Ullah
27) Justice Pervez Inayat Malik
28) Justice Arshad Mahmood
29) Justice Irfan Qadir
30) Justice Syed Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari
31) Justice Ch. Naeem Masood
32) Justice Anwar-ul-Haq Pannu
33) Justice Muhammad Shafqat Khan Abbasi
34) Justice Imtiaz Rasheed Siddiqui
3. High Court of Sindh.
1) Justice Bin Yamin
2) Justice Khalid Ali Z. Qazi
3) Justice Salman Ansari
4) Justice Abdul Rehman Farooq Pirzada
5) Justice Abdul Rasheed Klwar
6) Justice Zafar Ahmed Khan Sherwani
7) Justice Syed Mehmood Alam Rizvi
8) Justice Ms. Soofia Latif
9) Justice Maqbool Ahmed Awan
10) Justice Safdar Ahi Bhutto
11) Justice Moharram G. Baloch
12) Justice Malik Muhammad Aqil
13) Justice Syed Shafaqat Ali Shah Masoomi
14) Justice Muhammad Iqbal Mahar
15) Justice Khadim Hussain M. Sheikh
16) Justice Muhammad Ismail Bhutto
17) Justice Arshad Siraj Memon
18) Justice Aamir Raza Naqvi
19) Justice Muhammad Karim Khan Agha
20) Justice Salman Talibuddin
4. Peshawar High Court
1) Justice Shaji Rehman Khan
2) Justice Ghulam Mohayuddin Malik
3) Justice Ziauddin Khattak
4) Justice Syed Mussaddiq Hussain Gilani
5) Justice Syed Yahya Zahid Gilani
6) Justice Muhammad Alam Khan
5. Islamabad High Court
1) Justice Muhammad Munir Paracha
2) Justice Syed Qalb-i-Hassan
3) Justice Raja Seed Akram Khan
4) Justice Muhammad Arshad Tabrez
5) Justice Amjad Iqbal Qureshi
6) Justice Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhry
7) Justice Syed Intikhab Hussain Shah
The President of Pakistan has further approved the repatriation of following judges:- Justice Sakhi Hussain Bukhari and Justice Zia Pervez have been repatriated from the Supreme Court of Pakistan while Justice M. Bilal Khan has been repatriated from the defunct Islamabad High Court to Lahore High Court, says a press release here on Monday.
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October 31, 2014
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