Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has dismissed the reference on the grounds of insufficient evidence against 33 Members of Punjab Assembly alleged to have dual nationality.According to media reports, former envoy, Asif Aizdee had filed a reference in Election Commission of Pakistan accusing MPAs of holding dual nationality. In the petition, he had held the stance that certain Members of the Punjab Assembly did not leave their dual nationality even after submission of affidavits.Around 28 MPAs appeared Thursday before the Election Commission and submitted the affidavit stating that they do not possess dual nationality.Election Commission analysed the reference filed against the MPAs, after which it noted that the petitioner, Asif Aizdee was wrong and should have confirmed before whether the MPAs actually possessed dual nationality or not. It further stated that the MPAs have submitted the affidavit stating that they do not possess dual nationality, therefore, they cannot be held responsible of the charge.Talking to media after dismissal of the reference, Zaeem Qadri of PML-N observed that Asif Aizdee falsely blamed them of possessing dual nationality, and that he would sue Aizdee for Rs 100 million.Notice was issued against 15 MPAs from Pakistan Muslim League (N), four from PPP, while one from Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal.Reference was filed against MPAs including Zaeem Qadri, Tariq Mehmood, Raja Shaukat, Aziz Bhatti, Ghulam Server, Rana Babar Hussain, Dr Farrukh Javed, Syed Ali Raza Gilani, Kashif Ali Chishti, Tahir Khalil Sindhu, Makhdoom Muhammad Murtaza, Arifa Khalid Pervez, Faiza Ahmed Malik, Imran Khalid Butt, Shahjahan Ahmed Bhatti, Ali Haider Noon Khan, Hafiz Mian Nauman, Mohsin Latif, Malik Shamsher Haider, Imran Ashraf, and Muhammad Yar Heraj.Mohsin Jamil Ashraf and Dr Tahir Javed have already resigned from their seats.