HEC help sought for provincial bodies’ role
HEC help sought for provincial bodies’ role

ISLAMABAD - A sub-committee of the National Assembly has recommended Higher Education Commission (HEC) to form a taskforce to propose the role of provincial bodies after proper homework and consultations.
The NA sub-committee on education, trainings and standards in higher education said in its meeting that higher education bodies at provincial level should not be established without proper consultation and comprehensive discussions, and that their functions should not contradict with those of the federal HEC.
Acting Chairman HEC, Imtiaz Hussain Gillani, expressing apprehension that quality standards may be compromised said the functions of monitoring, quality assurance and allocations of development budgets should remain with the federal body. The discussants said the provincial HECs should be made after fulfilling all legal requirements and that these bodies should complement the federal HEC rather than contradicting its functions and policies.
The committee members were of the view that the regulatory body of higher education institutes should also play its role in the development of society apart from degree attestation services.

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