ISLAMABAD - The Ministry of Tourism has asked the government to withdraw decision of privatisation of 26 motels, as the ministry itself wants to give these resorts to international chain for boosting tourism sector.
The Privatisation Commission is in process of privatising 26 motels, which are presently being run by the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC).
The authority had also made a list of 26 motels for their privatisation in near future.
On the other hand, the officials of the PTDC seem unwilling to hand over these profitable resorts.
"We have sent a case to the government for final decision of the PM with a view to withdraw decision of the Privatisation Commission," Secretary Tourism Shahzad Qaiser said while talking to TheNation here on Monday, adding that we want to give these motels to an international chain, which would boost up tourism on domestic and global level.
The PTDC motels being privatised through the Privatisation Commission includes Astak  (Sakardu), Ayubia (Abbottabad), Baffar (Swat), Bamburet (Chitral) Barseen (Kohistan), Besham (Sangla Paas), Chitral, Birmoglasht, Mastuj and Bunni (Chitral), Chakdara (Malakand), Chattar Plain (Batagram), Gupis (Ghizar), Hawks Bay (Karachi), Hunza(Gilgit), Katas (Chakwal), Khaplu (Ghanche), Panakot (Dir), Phander (Ghizar), Rama Lake (Chilas), Saidu Sharif (Swat), Satpara (Skardu), Sust (Gilgit) Taftan (Dalbaddin) and Khuzdar,(Gilgit) and Chitral.
While commenting on the issue, Qaiser Shahzad informed that reason behind giving these resorts to international chain is that it would streamline our motels and would offer facilities of international standers to tourists.
He said that although at this time we have some trained professionals for running management of resorts, but we need more people who could perfectly handle management of our motels on international principles.
"After giving these motels to an international chain, these motels would jointly run by the administration of PTDC and International management", he noted while replying to a question.
In 1998 PTDC three main hotels, including Faletties (Lahore), Beans (Peshawar) and Cecil (Murree), were privatized, the matter of privatizing more resorts was under consideration since 2005.
It is pertinent to note here that in recent past the Ministry of Tourism had asked for delisting at least 15 motels out of 26,being through the Privatisation Commission, However now officials of the ministry are requesting for taking back decision of privatizing all motels.
As official of the Ministry are of the view that the decision of privatizing these motels would not only spoil identity of such a reputable institution but it would also force it to depend upon government funds.
However, on condition on anonymity sources informed that officials of the ministry anxious about privatizing motels, because PTDC would not have any share if all these money-spinning motels would be privatized.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 09-Sep-2008 here.