ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) by issuing inflated and unclear domestic electricity bills not only keeps perturbing the domestic consumers, it has also failed in adopting an easy and understandable method of billing for the common users.
Very often, it is due to the fear of disconnection, a large number of consumers who receive abnormally high and full of flaws bills are forced to pay such bills.
TheNation learnt one such case on Saturday when a domestic connections previous three-month bills available with TheNation showed that high-ups running IESCO affairs are paying little heed to the consumers complaints.
In the month of October this year the said consumer received electricity bill after the passage of due date of the submission of payment, however, according to the domestic user, he visited the complaint office and after hectic efforts and wasting a great deal of time got the bill corrected by extending the date of payment to three days.
His miseries did not end there as the bill he received in the next month (November 2009) included the surcharge amount of Rs 2,408 that is paid by those who submit their bill after the passage of due date.
According to the consumer, upon receiving that inflated bill he again visited the complaint office and after undergoing mental distress the officer there corrected his bill and subtracted the extra amount of Rs 2408.
After this correction according to the user, he heaved a sigh of relief but the mental torture, thanks to IESCO, continued as once again in the month of December 2009, though he received the corrected bill, as the surcharge amount of the previous month was corrected in the column of 'corrected bill yet astonishingly an amount of Rs2,649 was included in the current bill.
According to the domestic consumer, he again visited the complaint office but this time despite making remedy of their fault the officers there asked the poor consumer that the IESCO had adopted a new programming system and from now onward all the other charges like PTV licence fee, general sales tax, meter rent and other charges would not be included in current bill, contrary to previous practice where all such charges had been included in the current bill.
I have been passing through mental stress for the last three month because of a wrong entry made by IESCO officials, and now what to do with this mess created by IESCO officials but to submit such abnormal and inflated bill within due date otherwise they will disconnect my connection, affected consumer lamented.
The dedication and efficiency of the high ups of IESCO is also witnessed from the fact when this scribe tried to contact the SDO and XEN at the cell numbers given on the electricity bill, for the purpose to listening to the consumers complaints, they did not attend the calls despite various attempts were made in this regard.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 13-Dec-2009 here.