Street crimes on the rise at Melody Market

ISLAMABAD  - Citizens have expressed grave concern over growing incidents of pick pocketing, purse snatching and other street crimes in Melody Market.
“Inside the market security arrangements are next to nil and the consumers are looted and robbed in broad daylight at gunpoint,” said Ghulam Asghar a consumer.
“Market plunges into darkness in the early evening as it stands deprived of any streetlight arrangement.
The miscreants and anti-social elements snatch purses from us and hurl abusive remarks on us when they see us coming entering into the market,” said a young girl.
“We are working women and find time only in the evening to purchase commodities from market but the loafers surround us and start flinging teasing remarks on us. What a pity it is,” said a group of female consumers.
The residents of the area particularly lady consumers have demanded of the government to take measures for tightening security in the market.

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