Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Wednesday said that private sector's investment in the energy can play vital role in reducing electricity shortfall in the country.Talking to Chairman HUBCO Hussain Dawood in Islamabad‚ the prime minister said the energy sector would be given preferential treatment in order to attract local and foreign investments.The Prime Minister said that private sector’s investment in the energy sector can play vital role in reducing the electricity shortfall in the country. He added that the sector would be meted out preferential treatment in order to attract local and foreign investments. The Prime Minister appreciated the construction of 84 MW run-of-the-river project by Laraib as the first private sector hydel power project in the country.At this juncture, Dawood expressed confidence in the Prime Minister’s leadership and the pro-business policies of the present government.Terming it a national endeavor to bring Pakistan out of energy deficit morass, Mr. Dawood appreciated the Prime Minister’s focus on energy sector as the country’s economy and peoples’ lives are linked to it. He further said that the Prime Minister’s special focus on energy sector has turned out to be highly motivating for the business community and this new-found confidence among the community can usher in a new era of business boom and higher growth in the country.Dawood also apprised the Prime Minister of the various problems and challenges being faced by the business community in the country. The Prime Minister assured his full cooperation and support for the provision of business-friendly environment in the country.