ISLAMABAD (APP) - An exhibition of paintings, prints, photographs and monoprints by three young artists is continuing here at Rohtas Art Gallery (RAG).
The collection of over 35 art pieces "Monotype" is presented by the artists, including Rabeya Jalil, Sophiya Khwaja and Sofia Syed Saquib.
Curator of the gallery, Alia Bilgrami said that idea behind displaying an exhibition of monoprints and photographs was to dispel the notion that prints are less unique as an art form than paintings.
She told APP that 'Monotype' has come together as an exclusive collection of 'prints' that are one-off pieces while the works of three artists are interesting and thought provoking.
Rabeya Jalil in her works have focussed on the idea of "The Perfect Being; The Ideal Product" which depicts every thing as a product of a package in the form of wrapped, sealed, tagged and stamped impressions.
Sophiya Khwaja's works portray human figures suspended in space.
The figures are drawn in motion, as movement is the nature's way of asserting the existence.
She says that a world or space devoid of people and their movement is senseless and unnerving; deafening like static reception on a television.
She takes her inspirations from the circumstances, depicting the constant and involvements of others in her life.
Sofia Saquib's work is based on her memories, as her bright colored abstract pieces with the medium of oil on canvas are the major attraction of the exhibition.
She has exhibited her photographs based on the elements of nature, oil paintings and prints.
The exhibition will continue till February 27.

This news was published in The Nation newspaper. Read complete newspaper of 23-Feb-2009 here.