KARACHI - Differences emerged between two opposition groups, the PML-F and PML-Likeminded, on Saturday over the nomination of opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly, as both the parties opposed the each other’s recommendations. The Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F) of Pir Pagara, an estranged ally of the PPP government, has nominated Nusrat Sehar Abbasi to be the opposition leader, a nomination that has been rejected by the PML-Likeminded altogether. Chief of the of PML-Likeminded and former chief minister of Sindh, Dr Arbab Ghulam Rahim, while talking to the media from Dubai by phone, on Saturday confirmed that his party would not support the nomination of Nusrat Abbasi as opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly. He reminded that the PML-F did not honor its promise of supporting him as the opposition leader in 2008, so his party also decided not to okay the nomination of the PML-F.It may be mentioned here that Rahim had been disqualified as member Sindh Assembly for not attending required sitting of the House.Meanwhile, PML-F General Secretary Imtiaz Ahmed Shaikh, while rejecting the allegations of Arbab Rahim, said the PML-F took all decisions with the approval of Pir Pagara. Shaikh advised Rahim not to remain in dreams of becoming opposition leader in the Sindh Assembly.Meanwhile, a joint committee of the PML-Likeminded, led by Arbab Lutafullah, and the PML-N on Saturday held a meeting and discussed the seat adjustment issues for the upcoming elections. Both the parties have already decided to make an electoral alliance and field joint candidate(s) in the upcoming polls.

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