Coast guards seize 410-kg hash, 720-kg opium

KARACHI - The Pakistan Coast Guards seized a huge cache of hashish and opium from Panwan area near Jiwani Gwadar, Balochistan on Sunday.
The PCG had been tipped off about the bid to smuggle narcotics into the coastline area. Acting on this information, a special PCG team, while carrying out a snap checking, tried to pull over a suspected (Irani) Toyota land cruiser. Its driver did not stop and accelerated the vehicle instead.
He stopped by a mountain and opened fire at the PCG team. The attack was repulsed. But, the drug traffickers managed to flee under the cover of the mountainous terrain and darkness, leaving the luxury car behind.
The PCG officials recovered 410-kg hashish and 720-kg opium, worth Rs70 million, concea1ed in oil drums in the car.
Further investigations are in progress.

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